Welcome to Brij Vrinda Farms & Resort

The Beauty of Vrindavan needs no introduction. It attracts thousands of tourists every day to feel its beauty and calm. It is not limited to tourists as it also has a good share of devotees. With many ghats and holistic places, Vrindavan is part of a better life.

The twin cities of Mathura and Vrindavan, traditionally rooted in Krishna consciousness. Not only do they attract thousands of devotees, but they also attract home seekers who want to own homes for peaceful and quiet living without the need for modern amenities.

Due to the situation in Delhi – NCR, people now wish to set foot on Vrindavan in search of peace and contentment. The presence of several “Ghats” along the Yamuna with a beautiful temple also makes it a good holiday destination.

It is not only the native with real estate prices at a minimum in recent years, even tourists visiting Mathura and Vrindavan are looking at these cities with the prospect of investing in land and plots.

No wonder the Ares in these cities is set to experience a big boom in the coming years. Property experts say tourists, especially international tourists who come here want to stay and live their whole lives.

Here are a few reasons to Invest in Vrindavan:

The project site is just 3KM away from NH-2.

Jewar Airport-Facilities are Proposed Near Vrindavan.

Vrindavan is going to showcase the tallest 71 storey Chandrodaya Mandir in the world.

The project site is only 3 km from NH-2.

Jewar Airport facilities are offered near Vrindavan.

Proposed metro.

ISKCON will build International Gurukul in Aajhai.

Theme park in Akbarpur (Vrindavan).

Shri Brahma Kumar Swami Ji to build a 30 ton (GOLD) golden temple at chaumuha – (Vrindavan).

Mathura and Vrindavam are part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s smart city campaign.