CSR - Maxpine Group

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We build solutions in each of our business lines to participate environmental changes and adapt to changing customer demands, whether they are investors, corporations, private individuals, or institutions. As a result, we contribute significantly to urban change and place corporate social responsibility at the forefront of our operations.

We recognize the particular economic, social, civic, and environmental obligations that come with being a real estate market leader.

We strive to meet the demands of our customers and partners by providing innovative buildings and services that generate shared value and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, environmentally conscious, and collaborative society.

Economic Responsibility: Leading By Example

We are in a unique position to share our views, ideas, and experience in sustainability-related challenges with the whole real estate sector since we are a company that integrates all of the knowledge required to produce value from property assets. In terms of economic responsibility, we are committed to developing ethical and responsible goods and service offerings in collaboration with our clients and partners.

Strengthening relationships and co-creation with our major stakeholders are two ways we plan to assure our economic responsibility.

  1. Developing service offerings that are both responsible and creative.
  2. Ensure that ethical norms and governance are transparent.

Our goal is to set the bar for compliance by putting in place the required skills and systems to ensure ethical and transparent governance.

Social Responsibility: Empowering People

People are important. This is especially true at Maxpine Group, where our workers contribute to the transformation of tomorrow’s world and the shaping of tomorrow’s real estate. We are committed to contributing to our employees’ development to bring out the best in them.

  • We want to be a socially responsible employer by providing healthy, flexible, and creative work that promotes our workers’ well-being.
  • Our teams’ diversity, equal opportunity, and employability are all encouraged.
  • Providing opportunities for our workers to enhance CSR skills.

Environmental Responsibility: Contributing To A Greener Real Estate

We’re also dedicated to lowering our real estate activities’ environmental effect and making environmental quality a metric for both tangible and intangible performance improvement.

By considering climate change mitigation and adaptation concerns in our service offerings, we hope to encourage environmental responsibility.

Reducing our operations’ direct and indirect environmental effects

Making environmental quality a lever for better performance in our goods and services.

Civic Responsibility: Giving Back To The Community

We support our civic responsibility objectives as a dedicated real estate sector participant by:

  • CSR expertise is being promoted and disseminated within the real estate industry and beyond.
  • Encouraging the growth of local economies
  • Collaboration activities are being supported.
  • We want to encourage architecture students to think about sustainable cities and to foster collaboration between students and experts. To that end, we present the annual Award to young architects who include changes in living and working habits, as well as sustainability, in their visions of the future.